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Ultralight schooling

We offer you many ways to get your complete ultralight schooling ion, from the first flight up to the practical exam to get the license for flying with one passenger. YOu cna choose our "all-in-one" packages, or an "à-la-carte" approach, according to your needs and possibilities.

Our aircraft

We offer you the latest ultralight aircraft on the market - and we maintain them carefully. Our fleet consist in multiaxial planes from Rans Aviation, including the renowned Coyote and from JMB Aviation with the fastest ultralight at date, the VL-3.

Confluence is also a paraglider and paramotor school! We are the only school in Belgium to provide a complete schooling for paragliding. As you have noticed, our team is a real specialist for all air sports !

Our instructors

is the oldest of Belgium (1974) !

Six qualified instructors (four for ultralight or delta, and two for paragliding) are here for you. Wether for technical or practical matters, we give thousands of flight hours and a significant experience at your disposal.


Who can pilot an ultralight?

Absolutely everybody, as long as you are more than 16.

How to begin?

First, you need your schooling license. More information can be found in our dedicated webpage about howx to get your license. After getting your paper, you can begin out theoretical and practical schooling rightaway.

How many hours before flying alone ?

It depends on your personal skills. For 3-axis ultralight, there is a minimum of 8 hours with your instructor; for delta, it starts at 12 hours.

Can we specialize in a certain type of flight?

BUt of course! You can choose you favorite domain, be it thermal or hydro flight, slope and mountain. Our dedicated team has the background and experience for all kinds of flights.

Can I become an instructor myself?

If you feel your wings growing, and would like to make your hobby a job, then we are pround to welcome you in our special cursus to becom an ultralight instructor - this cursus, unique to our school, comprises pratical, theoretical, didactical and pedagocical lessons.

Tarifs (€)

Flight lessons :
/hour motor
Package 10h


Verhuur :
/hour motor
Package 10h